Thursday, April 9, 2009

Seeking New Growth

One thing that every good business should seek is growth. This is the last of my goals for the new quarter we're in, and at the moment, it's the least clearly defined of them all! Probably because there are so many different facets I can address with growing my business. 

Growth can look like a lot of different things. For one, I want to grow in my talent as an artist. This is something I'm constantly working towards and rather undefinable in that sense. Especially because some times I'm completely surprised by my own growth! Take the earrings I pictured to the left. These are just one example of my spiral earrings, and I came upon the design totally by accident when I was playing around with wire one day. Yet, in the process, I discovered my most popular earring style yet! So a portion of my growth is simply always dreaming and trying new things. 

My main focus right now, artistically, has been to grow as a bead weaver. I also want to grow as a wire-worker, but lately that interest seems to be taking a back seat to bead weaving. I'm challenging myself to learn new weaving techniques. Top of my list right now are a pattern called "Hojas" that I have the artists permission to recreate. In fact, the first is sitting on my desk next to me partially done! I also want to learn to work with cabochon's in bead weaving. I have a few ideas for that and hopefully you'll see that soon. 

Aside from artistic growth, the most important way my business can grow is financially. Which basically means, new sales. There are a number of things I'm working on for this. First, I started a newsletter awhile ago, and then it fell by the wayside because my migraines we're making it too hard to write intelligently. I intend to start up my monthly newsletter again, if you don't remember receiving it in the past, and want to be on the list, send me an e-mail at so I can make sure you are on the list!

Another step I'm taking is to increase my visibility as an artist in the "real" world. To that end I have already set up my first consignment deal with a brick and mortar shop. Last I checked there were no sales there yet, but they just moved locations, so maybe the new location will mean new customers and some sales! I'm currently pursing a second consignment deal that my Mother-in-law helped me find, and I plan on pursuing at least one more at some point.

I'm also beginning to research and apply for fairs and markets to participate in. My improving health makes this possible again, and I'm really excited about it! So far I've put out a few feelers, and I hope to know a lot more soon :) I'll let you guys know as I know!

The last way I'm working to grow my business is my growing my on-line presence. There are a lot of different things involved with that, and I plan on blogging about some of them individually in the upcoming week or two. As always, it's an adventure! I've learned a lot in the last year (I've almost been open a year!) and I know I have a lot more to learn. 

So here's to a growth filled second-quarter!!! I hope that you have a growth filled and profitable second-quarter as well. Come join me in my adventure to make myself a better artist and business woman. I'd love to hear about your stories and struggles, because that's what the artisan community is for, sharing, caring, and helping each other. :) 


Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Very good points to grow by. I have always felt that if the true artist comes out, the financial end of the equation gets a boost. Kind of like follow your heart and imagination. GOod luck in the second quater too!!

storybeader said...

I'll be interested in see your new work. And the fairs are always a good way to get recognized, because you meet the people who are potential buyers. Don't forget to add in taxes - people understand artists have to do that.

I've just started "picture making" with seed beads. I'll have a blog about it soon!

BeadedTail said...

I wish you much success and you continue to learn and grow in your business!

Cara said...

Wishing you good health and continued success!

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Good luck on growing your business and your artistic talents :)
I love that the spiral earrings came from playing :)

Glynis said...

Good Luck with your new adventures! You are striving forward and deserve the chance. Wedding outlets are always good for unique jewellry in the UK and Cyprus, that might be an area for you to consider too :)
Keep busy!