Thursday, October 16, 2008

Contest Time Baby!

Who doesn't love contests? I know I do! I'm always entering them as I stumble around blogs - and one of these days I'm sure I'll even win! Fun huh?

Well, right now I'm participating in a blog contest! How does it work? Go to this blog post and go through the list of blogs you'll find there. You will need to find the 10 OrnaMonkey contest bugs and correctly identify them before October 31st! Here, I'll even help you out, here's the first one!

Here's some more info about these wonderful items! Written by the creator herself :)

"OrnaMonkeys are monkey ornaments made from felt to resemble real
species of monkeys. One monkey is released each month. Each species is
chosen for its charismatic face, interesting social habits or other
oddities which make the species unique among primates. Each monkey is
collectible and comes with a dated bio-blurb about the species and its
conservation status. The felt is eco-spun felt that is 100%
post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

The Monkey of the Month
Club gives people a different OrnaMonkey each month for a year.
Membership spaces become available in November and are offered at a
discount. Each member who signs up before December 31 will receive
twelve 2009 OrnaMonkeys for only $99 plus S&H ($168 if purc
individually), a savings of more than 40%. Species to be included are:
lemurs, macaques, marmosets, langurs, tamarins, titi monkeys and more.
The shipping and handling fee covers the cost of shipping all 12
monkeys ($2 per monkey).

The OrnaMonkeys are a fun way to learn
more about the beautiful diversity of primates from a real
primatologist - me! In 2007 I earned a PhD in evolutionary psychology.
My research focused on mutual grooming among primates and I've taught
classes in comparative primate behavior at various universities in the
U.S. I love teaching people about primates and these little guys allow
me to reach an audience outside of a university setting."


agoodwitchtoo said...

Hey... cool contest ;)

Healingstones said...

Thay are lovely - but I don't have time to go on the hunt - bad enough trying to keep up with the Etsybloggers!!

Field Notes said...

They're super easy to find and you have 2 weeks =D I've already found 6 of them!