Thursday, October 23, 2008

What am I doing?

I was all getting ready to start blogging about specific techniques for promotion, and then I realized something, I never actually shared which techniques I'm currently using! So I modified the list, re-wrote it some, and wrote whether or not the activities listed are one's that I'm currently participating in or not.

I've also decided before I start reviewing different techniques I'm going to talk a little bit about time management and planning. So look for that blog to come soon!

Things done on Etsy itself:
Talking in the forums Yes
Listing/Re-listing Yes
Treasuries Yes
Teams yes

Advertising Sites and Venues:
Project Wonderful Ads Yes
Entrecard Yes
Craigslist Yes
ebay No

Web-sites and Networking:
Technorati No
Flickr sort of?
Indypublic No
Deviantart No
Twitter No
Myspace No
Facebook No
Facebook Ad. No
Facebook Blog Network No
weloveetsy No
Marmalade Pink No
Ning networks No
Trunkt No
YouTube Yes
Personal Web-sites No
GoogleBase sort of?
Blogcatalog No No no no
indie5collective no
stumbleupon no
indiecollective no
mybloglog no
ping-o-matic no
merchantcircle no
peganpacks no

Random on-line techniques:
Newsletter no
Include your etsy link in forum sigs. yes
Particpate in promotions yes
Become featured on blogs. yes
Include your etsy link in your e-mail sig. yes.

Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes :)

Off-line Promoting Techniques:
Carry and pass out business cards and flyers. yes
Wearing/carrying items you make. yes
Sell in locally in shops or markets. not right now
Participate in local special events. No
posting advertisements at trade shows. no
Promotional buttons No
Having your work showcased at the library or elsewhere No
Donating No
Snail-mail post cards. No
Promotional Magnets No
Signs on the side of the car. No
Promotional book marks in book stores. No
Ad space in programs (like theater) no


Waterrose said...

Great list of what you do and don't do. You definitely have to plan your time and find what really works for your creations.

Tulip's Talking said...

Geez, my head is spinning. Now I know why I never have much time for creating!

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