Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Morning's Musings

Part of being a business man/woman is always looking for new ways to expand and grow your business.  That means different things for different businesses, and it's an entirely different world when you sell on the internet versus when you simply sell in a b&m (brick and morter, ie., regular store).  Then to add to the complexity, many businesses these days sell both in b&m settings (or fairs and markets) as well as on-line!  It's a lot to keep track of.  Especially if your starting your business on the side. 

I've been very fortunate to start my business during a time in my life when I'm not working.  Unfortunately that's because I have health problems  Life's been busy enough lately between my health problems and my recent move that it's difficult at times to keep up with it all! I'm working on it though :)

Yesterday I signed up for a new service to help grow traffic to my blog, and hopefully from there to my shop. Entrecard.com works on a principal similar to the old-fashioned business card system, only modernized for today's technology! You place a widget on your blog (mine's on the right side) and other people come by and "drop" their little advertisement on your blog.  You can be found through searches and, while some will simply drop and run, odds are that some people will notice what you wrote and actually stop long enough to read!

As I started yesterday I just randomly found a bunch of blogs to stop in on.  I didn't do much more other than make sure their content wasn't objectionable.  Many (maybe all) of them returned the favor and "dropped" in on me!

Entrecard has this great feature where you can see who's stopped in on you, and then go drop in on them.  You can sort by either all of the people who've dropped in, or just the one's you haven't dropped in on that day. 

This morning I went through and stopped in on all the blogs that had visited mine.  I didn't read all of them, but I did read a lot of them! Some quite simply didn't interest me, but many of them we're pretty cool :)

I found a quote on this site that I really loved. She didn't remember who the author of the quote was, but it says, "Trust the process, it's larger than you."  Many times in the creation of art we start out with a plan in mind, often though, you don't end up where you thought you would! It's part of the fun, the magic, of creation.  Some days it feels like your only a small part of the process and the piece simply creates itself.  Other days it's lots and lots of work, but when the magic happens, there's no mistaking it :)


Tulip's Talking said...

Great blog post Rosey Posey. And right on for the ending!

Lenox Knits said...

What a great positive attitude you have. I've enjoyed my time on entrecard as well and met some great fellow crafters. Welcome!

storybeader said...

neat! I just signed up! Thanks for writing about it - was wondering what it was all about!

SpiritMama said...

Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out!

BeadedTail said...

Great post Rose! I've been doing Entrecard for about two months now and although it takes me over an hour to get my 300 drops done, I enjoy "meeting" new people every day!

Beth said...

I came by to tell you that I had tagged you and learned something great instead. I'm so glad I did something frivolous today. I am going to check it out. If you decide to play tag, check it out at http://rosebushdesigns.blogspot.com/

TiLT said...

So that's what you guys have been talking about! I might have to give it a go...unless it means I'll never leave my computer..hmmm..