Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Results - and the start to the Journey!

Well it's been a few days since my last post because I ended up having a pretty bad weekend - but I'm still alive and kicking so I'll rejoice in that and move on!

If you follow my blog you know I've been thinking a lot about how to promote myself and my blog. I even did a survey of sorts on Etsy! This is the final results - keep in mind I had 57 people comment on the thread - but a lot of them didn't contribute. I didn't do a final count on how many people did versus who didn't.

Etsy-related promotion:

Talking in the Forums: 7
Listing/Re-listing : 8
Treasuries: 3
Teams: 13
Sneakattacks: 1

Networking Sites:
Flickr: 14
Indypublic: 2
Deviantart: 2
Twitter: 4
Myspace: 5
Facebook: 8
Facebook Ad: 1
Facebook Blog Network: 1
Weloveetsy: 3
Marmalade pink: 1
Ning networks: 2
Trunkt: 1
Random other networks: 1

Advertising Sites/Venues:
Project Wonderful Ads: 4
Entrecard: 5
Craigslist: 1

Newsletter: 2
YouTube: 2
Personal Website: 5
GoogleBase: 2
Blogcatalog: 2
Delicious.com: 1
Various Forums with an etsy link in sig: 2
Participate in Promotions: 2
Become featured on Blogs: 2
Ovationtv.com: 1
E-mail Signiture: 3
Linkrefferal.com: 2
Indie5Collective: 1
Stumpleupon: 2
E-bay: 1
Indiecollective: 1
Mybloglog: 1
Ping-o-matic: 1
Merchantcircle: 1
PaganPacks: 1

Off-line Promoting:
Carry and Pass Out Business Cards and flyers: 12
Wearing/carrying things they make: 9
Sell in Shops, local, or shows: 6
Participate in special events: 1
Posting advertisements at trade shows: 1
Slipping Business cards into books at the library: 1
Buttons: 1
Talking to the person in charge of exhibits at the library and showcase your work: 1
Donating: 3
Snail-mail postcards: 1
Magnets : 1
Signs on the side of the car: 1
Promo bookmarks left in book shops: 1
Ad space in programs (like theater): 1


I'll be mixing in posts reviewing different techniques mentioned here in the list - and possibly new one's as well! I invite you to come alone on my journey with me, give me your thoughts and ideas, and lets see what we can all do to improve our businesses!


uniquecommodities said...

Thanks for the compliment Roseworks! Glad you are feeling better!

SpiritMama said...

Wow you're busy with all that marketing! I get overwhelmed thinking about it. Good work, and you must have one of those brains that works on both sides!

MagdaleneJewels said...

Ruthie - thanks for all the information. It must have taken a while to compile all these surveys.
They should help alot. Thanks again for your efforts. Now let's just see how well they work!

Tulip's Talking said...

Hi Rosey-Posey,

Have I told you lately that you come up with awesome ideas?

Thank you for sharing. Now I know that I am doing everything right.

(((sad face))) None have helped so far!

Luv ya,


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Thanks guys!

Lily - don't be too sad - I haven't made any sales lately either! *sigh*

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

Goodness, it sounds like a full time job just doing the marketing! Doesn't sound like there would be much time left for creating. Thanks for all the suggestions on where to expand marketing, now to find the time to do that...

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Your list of marketing ideas is great. All this marketing boggles my mind and I actually studied Advertising and Graphic Design. I am a much better designer than sales person.

Thanks for the tips though!


Leah said...

That's a great list! What will you try first? I've done many of these, but definitely not all.

agoodwitchtoo said...

Great info! Left you a little gift on my blog :)