Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thinking Pink

I talked yesterday about what I was doing in my shop to "think pink."  Well - little did I know I would be expanding on that last night!  As I announced what I was doing, and talked with others about what they were doing, I was lead to the site "Pink for October." They encourage and support people in turning their web-sites pink, even if just a little bit, in an effort to raise Breast Cancer Awareness this month! I eagerly signed up :)

Next, a friend who's avatar I had admired led me to Mana Moon Studios, the wonderful graphic artist who had created her avatar and banner.  She has a whole section on GOING PINK and I quickly found a banner and avatar set I like and purchased them!  The fun thing is a I sold a pair of earrings this morning that exactly paid for my purchase too :) Isn't it great when things work out like that?  You'll see both the avatar and banner in my shop and here on this blog!

I also listed a whole bunch of new pink items yesterday.  This one is my favorite:

But so far this one has received the most response:


agoodwitchtoo said...

Awesome! The avi and the banner are both lovely :)

Gorgeous earrings! Makes me wish I wore pink.

pelf said...

Since you've already gone pink, perhaps you'd also like to take part in our month-long contest?

Head on to Pink for October website for more details! :D

MagdaleneJewels said...

I think the idea of donating from your shop for Cancer Awareness is a wonderful idea. Yes, your avatar and banner did attract my attention also, which is great. I have also already contacted myticmoon about a new avatar for my shop.

manamoon said...

Oh Ruthie how fabulous! Thanks so much for mentioning my little graphic shop - the banner looks fabulous here!!

Your creations are absolutely GORGEOUS!! I really love the pink hues you've chosen, just lovely!

I'll be favoring your blog and look forward to future visits! All the best ~ Sharon