Monday, August 31, 2009

Crafty ADD Update #6 And More!

It hasn't been as productive a week for me as it usually is. First I was dealing with the kidney stones (I think thats over), and that slowed me down a lot! Then I got some bad news this weekend, and for once, I didn't feel like crafting! But you know what? That's ok! Sometimes we need to just rest and rejuvinate :) I'm feeling ready to tackle this week now and ready to work on a lot of projects, old and new! So let me tell you about them :D


I'm on to the 6th row out of 9 for my first ever baby blanket! I'm too the point where I've already put together all the squares I had premade so now I'm making a square, adding it, making another, and adding it! It's not really as uneven as it looks in the photograph, I just didn't take the time to straighten it properly.

This blanket is being put in the closet for awhile though. I wasn't making it for anyone in specific (I'm going to donate it), and now I have a cousin to make a baby blanket for! Speaking of which...

I thought I'd have at least a few squares to show you by this update, but all I have is my new hook! Mom and I got together to work on the new one, and quickly discovered that the blanket I was planning on creating is too hard at my level of ability with the yarn I had bought. The disadvantage of having someone who's a master at crocheting (at least I consider her so), is that she sometimes forgets how things look or work for a beginner! So it didn't occur to either of us tha the shiney thread running through the yarn would make it harder for me to work with. The end decision was to keep the yarn (it's pretty!) but use the pattern for granny squares that I originally learned so that it will be easier for me. That's when we decided that a different size hok would also be helpful...and between one thing or another it's taken 4 days for me to get one! Just picked it up this afternoon, and believe me, I can't wait to make that first square!


For some reason one of the few projects I was remotely interested in this week was my cross stitch - as a result, it's almost done! I just have to finish the border and then I get to pick a third book mark to make on this canvas :) Don't know what I'm going to do but I'm considering creating a new pattern...I have a few ideas. We'll see if I get to it this week or not!


As you can see, I didn't make it very far on my project with my first cabochon. It's going to be attached to a free form peyote weave bracelet, and I have a hard time doing something that has no planned pattern! As you can see, my brain forces me to make small patterns out of the chaos. Any way, I just wasn't really in the right mood. Besides, since my Mom's birthday is on Friday it's high time I finally started her birthday present!

That's right, the second Cabochon you see, and the work surrounding it, is the start of what's going to be a hair barret for my Mom. It's going quickly so unless I hit a major snag, I should be done in time! Don't worry - I'll take pictures before I give it to her - and hopefully get a shot with it in her hair at some point too!


I also have to show off the treasuries I'm in right now! I was so excited to find them today! Both are done by team mates from different teams, and they rock! Check 'em out while they are still active :)


Merily said...

Your blanket is coming along great- I also can't wait to see the new one! :)

lol, you can tell I'm a crocheter; my eye jumped to the picture of the hook and I started sizing it up- is that a G or H?

I'm always in awe of your cross stitch- those butterflies look great! (And I see they're hanging out with the cute penguins for now- extra cuteness!)

I bet that barrette is going to look awesome when it's done; I hope you finish it in time. :)

BeadedTail said...

Wow! Even on a week when you're not up to much you're more productive than most people! The baby blanket looks great and I love the cross stitch! Glad the kidney stones are gone too!

Splendid Little Stars said...

great treasuries! And just look at all those projects!
so glad you are feeling better.
Your crochet project (as well as the others) look marvelous.
So are you going to show us your mom's birthday present?

memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

We all need a break now and then from our crafts. Sometimes it makes us even craftier when we get back at it :)

Your new blanket is going to look awesome, I just know it :) And your beady projects are coming along great too! Can't wait to see the hair barret!!!

Congrats on the treasuries :)

Meghann LittleStudio said...

WOW busy you! I am so jealous! I haven't been able to do much lately, but I am very excited that I ordered crochet hook cushions and special support gloves to keep my hands and fingers from cramping when I knit and crochet.
I can't wait to see what you do next!

TiLT said...

wow - LOTS going on :) And I think a new hook is a very good next step :)